54742_How to Patch ColdFusion 10 and Above

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This article provides the steps to patch ColdFusion 10 and above.


  1. Before proceeding, make sure there is a backup of C:\ColdFusion10, C:\ColdFusion11, etc.  This will ensure that changes can be reverted if necessary.
  2. Next, log into the CF Admin interface.  Note that this must be done for each instance on the server, including default instances that are part of the initial setup if those have not already been removed.
  3. Once in the CF Admin interface, navigate to Server Update > Updates.
  4. While on the Available Updates tab, click Check for Updates.
  5. The updater will connect to the internet to get any available updates.  The results will include the release notes and further information about the update. 
  6. Once the updater returns results, updates can then be applied.  
  7. After updates have been applied, it is recommended to restart ColdFusion services.
  8. It is also recommended to run through the process again just to be sure that all updates were in fact applied.  

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