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This article provides the steps to log into the Tripwire PureCloud PCI scanning interface and submit disputes for false positives and/or compensating controls.


  1. Log into the PureCloud interface.  If you do not have access and wish to have access, please open a ticket with Support and you will be provided access.
  2. Navigate to PCI scan.  Find the latest scan in the list under Active Scans.
  3. Click the icon for Amend Report.
  4. Click the Dispute link for each item.  All of the items must be disputed as a false positive or compensating control before you can submit the amendments for review.
  5. The items under Findings are what was found as vulnerable and needing to be fixed.  The items under Need Information outline issues where ports are open, for example.  After you have entered a dispute for each item, click Submit for Review.  
  6. Once the amendments are review (turnaround time is 2 weeks or less usually), you will receive an email with a notice saying your amendments were reviewed and to log in and view them.  If additional amendments are required, follow the same process.

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