54411_Data Center Physical Security Controls

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Title: Data Center Physical Security Controls Description

Type of Security Control: Physical | Preventative 

Purpose: Ensure Physical Protections of the Data Center

Impact: High

Applies to: Edge Hosting Data Centers DC1 and DC3


Access to the Edge Hosting (EH) datacenter and associated facilities is controlled to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing customer equipment and EH infrastructure. Access to the multi-tenant building is controlled by proximity badge access and twenty-four (24) hour security guard personnel. External building doors are locked in the evening, and access is only granted by proximity badge and or the building security guard. All visitors to the building are required to sign in and out at the security desk.

Access to the EH suite is controlled by biometric systems and proximity badge systems. Visitors must be escorted or supervised by EH personnel at all times. Datacenter facilities are physically segregated from office facilities, and biometric security systems are used to control access to the data center. Customer access to the datacenter is made by appointment only and requires escort or supervision by EH staff. Physical security includes 24x7x365 security guard, biometric scanners, proximity badges and video

EH facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras mounted at strategic points within the datacenter and office space. Recordings from this surveillance system are maintained for a minimum of 30 days on a DVR system.






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