53980_Enable Sandbox Security in ColdFusion

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This article provides the steps to enable Sandbox Security in ColdFusion admin.  Edge Hosting recommends disabling CFExecute and CFRegistry tags for security reasons.


  1. Log into ColdFusion Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Security > Resource Security
  3. Click the checkbox to Enable ColdFusion Sandbox Security
  4. Navigate to the CF Tags tab.  Move CFExecute and CFRegistry from the left column to the right column to disable the tags.  Click Finish.  Note: Do not disable these tags if your site's functionality is dependent upon this tags.  In most cases, these tags should not be used.  
  5. Once the changes are made, ColdFusion will need to be restarted for the changes to take effect.  Open services.msc on the server and restart the ColdFusion Application Server.

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