53908_Coldfusion 10: This account is currently not available

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When using Coldfusion 10 and Linux, you attempt to check the status of Coldfusion by running /etc/init.d/coldfusion_10 status, it reports the error "This account is currently not available"


To fix this, SSH into the Linux server and become root.  Edit /etc/init.d/coldfusion_10 and look for the following line:
CFSTATUS='su $RUNTIME_USER -c "cd $CF_DIR/bin; $JAVA_EXECUTABLE -classpath $CLASSPATH $JVM_ARGS_NODEBUG com.adobe.coldfusion.bootstrap.Bootstrap -status"'
Change this line editing su to be $SUCMDFILE -s /bin/shThe new lines will look like this:
CFSTATUS='$SUCMDFILE -s /bin/sh $RUNTIME_USER -c "cd $CF_DIR/bin; $JAVA_EXECUTABLE -classpath $CLASSPATH $JVM_ARGS_NODEBUG com.adobe.coldfusion.bootstrap.Bootstrap -status"'

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