53824_FAQ: How to log into MySQL via MySQL Workbench in Windows

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How to log into MySQL via MySQL Workbench in Windows

First, log into the server via Remote Desktop. Then navigate to Start > All Programs > MySQL > to launch MySQL Workbench. You will be presented with the Home window.

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To manage MySQL Server through MySQL Workbench, you will need to create a Server Instance Profile for each server you would like to manage:

·         From the MySQL Workbench Home window, click New Server Instance.

·         The Create New Server Instance Profile wizard will be displayed. Choose the localhost option if you are connecting to a MySQL database server located on the same machine you are working on; choose Remote Host for connections to remote machines; enter the remote server name or IP.

Click Next.

Getting Started Tutorial

Connecting to a local instance of MySQL

If a localhost connection was specified, you will need to specify the MySQL username you’d like to use for this connection.  At this time you can store your password in the vault if you do not wish to type it each time. Then click Next.

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The connection will then be tested. You should see that the connection was successful. If not click Back and verify the information you entered. Click Next to finish the configuration and return to the Home screen.

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Connecting to a Remote Instance of MySQL

If a Remote Host connection was specified, you will need to set the following options to enable Workbench to determine the location of configuration files, and the correct start and stop commands to use for the server.

Connecting to a MySQL instance on a Linux server via SSH

SSH based management and Windows remote management types are available. The MySQL Installation Type below is configured for the SSH login option.

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For the SSH login based management option, configure its parameters:

·         User Name

·         Host Name

·         Optional SSH key file for authentication

Click Next.

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Connecting to a MySQL instance on a Windows server via Remote Management

If a Windows server is used, then the Windows configuration parameters must be set.

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The wizard will check that Workbench is able to access the MySQL Server configuration file, and access the start and stop commands. Click Next.

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Review the configuration and verify that it is correct.

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Give the server instance a name (choose one that will indicate to you which server the connections accesses).

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In the Home window you will see the new server instance you created, along with the new connection you created as part of the instance configuration.

Getting Started Tutorial

Additional information and usage tutorials for MySQL Workbench can be found at the official MySQL Workbench site:



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