53800_Adding a ColdFusion DSN

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This article provides the steps for adding a ColdFusion Data Source (DSN).


  1. Log into the ColdFusion Administrator.
  2. Go to Data & Services > Data Sources.
  3. Type in the data source name that is to be used to reference the database from ColdFusion. (This may not be the same as the database name)
  4. Select the proper driver type for the database server where the database is located. (Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL (4/5) are the most common choices)
  5. Click on the Add button.
  6. Fill out the details of the database connection including the name of the database, the server where the database is located (if on the same server you can use, the port that the database server is listening on, the user name of the account that has privileges on the database, the password for the database user, and any description or notes that are needed.
  7. If any advanced configurations are required, make the changes needed in the section that shows up when the Show Advanced Settings button is selected.
  8. Submit the data source after all the configurations have been set.
  9. After the data source has been submitted, the status should show as OK. Otherwise the data source entry did not work and something has either been entered incorrectly or the database server is not available to the ColdFusion server.

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