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This knowledge base article covers the most frequently asked questions Edge Hosting receive regarding ColdFusion.


How Do I Access ColdFusion Administrator?

How Do I Create a ColdFusion DSN?

How Do I Configure Custom Tags?

Which Client Variable Storage Method Should I Use?

How do I send mail with ColdFusion?


Upgrading ColdFusion

What's new in this version?

What coding dependencies have changed?




How Do I Access ColdFusion Administrator?

By default, ColdFusion administrator can be accessed by browsing your server hostname /CFIDE/administrator.  Some examples would be: 

Cloud Server:  http://cp####.edgewebhosting.net/CFIDE/administrator
Dedicated Server:  http://ewhserver###.edgewebhosting.net/CFIDE/administrator
For customers using ColdFusion Standard, a link to this URL can be found in your Support portal, under the ColdFusion server in question.

If you have ColdFusion Enterprise and are using multiple instances of ColdFusion, your administrative URL for your sub instances will have an alternate port appended, like:

Cloud Server:  http://cp####.edgewebhosting.net:8301/CFIDE/administrator
Dedicated Server:  http://ewhserver###.edgewebhosting.net:8301/CFIDE/administrator
These are the standard URLs.  Many customers will change or further lock down their ColdFusion administrator URL.  Edge Hosting has taken the liberty of securing ColdFusion admin by locking down CF Admin to internal connections only.  For example, if you're using a Windows Server, you will need to RDP into the server first to view CF admin.  For Linux Servers, you will need to setup an SSH Tunnel.  If you're unable to access your ColdFusion administrator page, please contact Support.

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