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This article describes what needs to be done on a server to configure ColdFusion to send email. 


Configuring ColdFusion to send mail using the local SMTP server is very easy. From the servers ColdFusion Administrator page under Server Settings, go to the Mail page. In the Mail Server value, enter and Submit Changes.


In most cases this will be just fine assuming the server is listening on port 25 and using localhost.  You can confirm this by checking the checkbox that verifies the mail settings in ColdFusion Admin.


To test the ColdFusion mail settings a simple test script can be created. Save the following code to mailtest.cfm under your site's web root, then browse the page in your web browser.

<cfmail to="me@myemaildomain.com"from="test@testcf.com"subject="Testing Coldfusion Mail"type="text">Message Body</cfmail><cfoutput><p>The message has been sent.</p></cfoutput>

In some cases additional mail configurations are required, especially if using a remote mail server to send mail from ColdFusion. If you need to connect to the mail server with a specific account, make sure to add those values in the appropriate fields for the username and password.

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