53739_Changing Resources for CloudPlus via the Portal

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This article provides the steps to change the resources of your Cloud Plus server via the Edge Hosting portal. 


To change the resources for a Cloud Plus server via the support portal, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into the Edge Hosting support portal.  You must be an Administrator or Support user to access this functionality. 
  2. From the Dashboard click VM Management.
  3. You will see a list of Cloud Plus servers under your account.  Click Manage next to the server you are configuring. 
  4. Change the memory or CPU values and set a time for the server to reboot if you choose (it is recommended to reboot).  Click Apply Changes and the changes will be applied immediately but your applications and services may not be able to fully utilize the new values until the server is rebooted.  The portal will report the progress of the resource change.  If the process fails, EWH Support will be notified and will likely need to upgrade VMWare Tools on the server to version 7299 or greater.

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