53720_Add an SSH User in Linux

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This article provides the steps to add an SSH user to a Linux server.


    1. Log into the Linux server via SSH as the root or as an administrative user.
    2. To add the user, type in the following at the command prompt (where <username> is the user you are adding):
    3. root@server [/]# useradd <username>
    4. To set the password for the user, type in the following at the command prompt:
    5. passwd <username>
    6. Enter the secure password for the user twice.  The user is now configured with the specified password.  If the user needs root access to the server, edit /etc/sudoers and add the user into the file as follows:
    7. ## Allow root to run any commands anywhere  
      <username> ALL=(ALL)       ALL
    8. Save the file and the user now has root access to the server.

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