Map Drive with Remote Desktop Client

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This will allow you to copy files to and from a remote connection if you don't have the ability to copy and paste from one desktop to the other.

1. Open your remote desktop client and put in your server and user information.  Checking the "Allow me to save credentials" box makes it easier to put in your password if you have it saved somewhere to copy and paste, although it is not necessary.

2. Switch to the Local Resources tab where you will find the Local devices and resources available to your remote connection from your local machine.  Click the "More..." button to assign your drives.

3. From there select the check box next to the drive you want to map to the server and press OK.

4. You can now press the Connect button to log in to the server.  Once you are logged in you will see the mapped drive under "other" when you go to "Start -> Computer", or if Windows XP / 2003 it would be My Computer.

You may now start copying files to and from the remote server.  Keep in mind it will take longer than an FTP connection because of the way Windows handles the network connections and file copy.  If you have access to an FTP server that would be the recommended way of transferring files.  This works well though if you do not, or if you are copying small files.

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