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Subject: Systems and Communications Protections: Ordering an SSL through the Customer Portal


Type of Security Control: Administrative



The purpose of this procedure is to define the actions to be taken to order an SSL Certificate or generate a CSR through the Dastabank Customer Portal.


Impact: Medium


Applies to: External


Description: This procedure will outline the steps taken to order an SSL through the Databank Customer Portal including how to generate a CSR and Key if the SSL is ordered elsewhere.


Applicable Compliance Statements: TBD



Access to Databank Customer Portal

Web Browser


Service Level Agreements: NA



1.    Log into the customer portal at Databank Customer Portal.

2.    Once logged in, click Dashboard.

3.    Click SSL Management.

4.    Click Order an SSL Certificate.

5.    Select the radio button for the type of SSL you wish to order. If you are not sure ofthe differences or what to order, please see our KB on Types of SSLs. NOTE: The option to only generate a CSR and Key is also in this list if you choose to order the SSL elsewhere.

6.    Fill out the form. The SSL common name is the important part. In terms of SSL orders, is NOT the same as Most customers choose as their common name.

7.    By default the SSL will renew automatically. To opt out, choose I do not want to automatically renew this certificate.

8.    Accept the Terms & Agreements.

9.    Click Purchase Your SSL.

10. The SSL is automatically ordered (or the CSR and Key automatically generated) and sentoff to the vendor. The vendor may require additional information to validate your request.

11. Once the SSL is issued, the Databank Support team will install the SSL for you on the server you selected in the order form.

12. End.



Owner: Director of Support

Questions: Director of Support

Effective Date:  07/03/2017

Last Reviewed Date: 06/28/2018

Last Reviewed by: Calli Schlientz

Next Review Date: 11/2019


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