53073_Add or Change FTP Users in FileZilla

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This article will assist you with adding and modifying FTP users using FileZilla server.  This applies only to Dedicated and Virtual Machine accounts.  For shared accounts, please contact Edge Hosting Support by entering a support ticket on the portal or calling 410-246-8800 Option 2.

  1. Log into the server via Remote Desktop.  
  2. Once logged in, click the FileZilla Server Interface icon on the Desktop.  This opens the interface for FileZilla (you may need to click the icon in the system tray). 
  3. Next, click the single user icon (4th icon from the left) in the menu bar.  This will bring up the accounts on the server.
  4. To change a user, click the user in the right sidebar.  You can then edit the password, disable the user, or click the Shared Folder options in the left sidebar to change the home directory for the user.  
  5. Alternatively, if you wish to add a user, click Add.
  6. Enter in the FTP username and click OK.  
  7. Next, enter in the password and make sure the account is Enabled.  
  8. Lastly, click Shared Folders and set the permissions for the user and their home directory. 

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