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Occasionally customers will identify that their server has been Blacklisted.  This usually occurs when an email form is exploited or an end user account is compromised.  Please create a ticket with our Support team via the portal (https://support.edgewebhosting.net/) and they will help you identify and resolve the issue. 

However, once the issue is resolved, you will still need to contact the Blacklist(s) to request removal of your IP.  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A REMOVAL REQUEST UNTIL YOU HAVE CONFIRMED THAT THE ISSUE IS RESOLVED.  Otherwise, many Blacklists will make your second removal request more stringent / difficult than your first, as they consider them second offenses.  It is the responsibility of the customer to submit delisting of the IP address from blacklists.  Edge is not responsible for doing so as we do not know any internal policies on your emails or the content of those emails.  All email should follow the CAN SPAM Act Guidelines

To identify which Blacklists you're currently on, you can use the following online tools:


Each of these tools will either request your domain name or your server IP address.  The IP address you'll want to use in your search is the primary IP of the mail server (in most cases). 

Once you've identified which Blacklists your domain/IP is on, you will need to visit each of the Blacklists websites to identify their IP/domain removal request procedure.  Because these procedures are constantly changing, we cannot explicitly list out each provider's steps/requirements however we do have a comprehensive KB of common blacklists.  The removal requests are generally straight forward, web-based forms that must be filled out.  If you have questions regarding specific fields on the forms, feel free to contact Support at 410-246-8800 Option 2 or via the portal link above.

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