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Subject: Duo Security - Anyconnect Client

Type of Security Control: Administrative | Preventative 


The purpose of this procedure is to define the actions to be taken to connect to Duo on a firewall through VPN.

Impact: Medium 

Applies to: External

Applicable Compliance Statements: 



  • Access to Duo
  • Access to VPN

Service Level Agreements: N/A



    1. Open Cisco AnyConnect on your local workstation.  Make sure the latest version is installed per:
    2. Enter the fully qualified domain name or IP Address of your firewall at DataBank.

    3. Ensure "remote_access" is selected (in most cases this is the group - there are a few rare case where this is not), enter your VPN username and password, then enter either phone or sms or push as the secondary password depending on how you want to get the second password.  SMS and push will only work for mobile phones.

    4. Click OK to connect.
    If you have chosen phone:  The phone number Duo has on file for you will be called. You'll need to answer the phone and follow the verbal instructions to authenticate.  
    If you have chosen SMS:  The phone number Duo  has on file will receive a list of access codes, any of which can be used on your next login attempt (the one you just attempted will fail).
    If you have chosen push:  The phone number Duo has on file with the Duo application activated will send a notice to your phone to approve/deny the request.

    If you have any trouble with this process or you have any questions, please contact Support by submitting a ticket through the customer portal.

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    Last Modified: 5/26/2022
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